Summer & Winter Activities around Montclar

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Les Alisiers: LPO refuge!

We are an LPO Refuge!

We organize our site to be favorable to biodiversity and nature, by creating conditions conducive to the establishment of wild flora and fauna and by reducing our impact on the environment:

> Protect birds and nature by ensuring the tranquility of the place, in particular during sensitive periods such as during nesting and extreme cold.

> Diversify and develop the surface of our Refuge with wild fauna and flora, with a rural hedge and a watering trough.

> Favor the planting of species that grow naturally in my region, more resistant to climatic conditions and adapted to the local fauna (shrubs, perennial flowers and honey)

> No chemicals

> Adopt an ecological mode of management of my Refuge by preferring manual weeding techniques and organic products if an intervention is really necessary.

> Prefer natural fertilizers (compost, nettle manure, etc.) for demanding plants such as fruit trees or vegetables, by promoting plant associations and disease-reducing auxiliaries.

> Adopt eco-citizen actions, in particular by making reasonable use of natural resources such as water and by recycling my household waste.

Our Refuge is a place without hunting for biodiversity.

To share with you this living nature, we have at your disposal material and documentation. You can observe, discover, hike near our home, in the forest above or in the mountains!

Possibility of loan:

A pair of binoculars and a bird guide

To go further in knowledge: descriptive sheets of the most common species in our region, ornitho guides for adults and children.

> A calendar to discover month by month the species and environments of the valley areas.

To go on an adventure:

> 40 hiking routes to explore the department, with a detailed description of the species to be observed depending on the season (short walk to difficult hiking)

> Mountain guides in the valley offer hikes on the theme of birds, ask us for the dates.

> Nesting boxes and feeders are arranged all around the Alisiers. Observe them, there are some surprises!

Observed near us:

Crested tit, great tit, barnacle, blue

European goldfinch


sparrow, nightingale, robin

torchepot sitelle

Red tail black and red tail with white front



cuckoo gray

black capped warbler

Nearby :

Crossbill of fir trees

Variable nozzle

tree climbing

pits breaker grosbeak

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Rock mound

In June 2019, a couple of Red-tailed White-fronted to nest in our mailbox! In mid July the whole family left us. They're back this year, but shhh it's a secret!

To continue the adventure:  naturalist, collaborative database with the objectives of collecting, organizing and synthesizing fauna in the region.

Act for birds, wildlife, nature and humans and fight against the decline of biodiversity, through knowledge, protection, education and mobilization. Find out on this website how to act alongside us. Find all our actions in the region and follow us on social networks !