Terroir and authenticity A passionnate Chef

Chef Christophe and his team

It has been seven years since the Restaurant Les Alisiers has been famous in Montclar, thanks to its Chef Christophe, who animates the place with passion with his wife Emilie and their team.

In the dining room, Emilie and her team are at your very care during your meal.

In the kitchen, Christophe offers clocal specialties and traditional revisited cuisine. Its recipes evolve with the seasons and products that offers the valley. Because the reputation of the table Les Alisiers is the creativity of its Chef, it is also due to its rigorous selection of local producers, artisans and breeders.

Regarding appetizers, we offer cocktails with and without alcohol, flavored wines and local beers to enjoy.

As for wines, Les Alisiers propose a regional  menu, rich in our experience to make you discover typical wines  of our region.

Our suppliers are mainly from the region:

Snails: La Robine sur Galabre

Trouts: Aquaculture farm Chateauroux les Alpes

Meats and delicatessen: Maison Giraud (Sisteron), Brunet (Seyne) - Beef / Veal / Lamb / Pig: Alpes de Hautes-Provence (04) and Hautes-Alpes (05)

Honey: Adam (Seyne)

Fumeton: Barcelonnette

Dairy cooperative: La Bréole (Barcelonnette)

Sheep: Gaec T'chiote Bedigue (Selonnet)

Goat: Haut des Cimes (Auzet)

Flour / einkorn: Mr Barneaud (La Garde), Mr Filly (Montclar)

Apple and fruit juice: Gold'Api (Théus), Fruits d'avenir (Le Brusquet)

Vegetable: Abeil (Gap), Farmers

Flavored wines, pastis and liqueurs: Distillery of Chanenche (Méolans-Revel)

Beers: Brasserie de l'Aubrée (Montclar)

If during your tastings, you want to go to meet our producers partners, we will be happy to put you in touch with their products.


NB: And if you want to invite our Chef Christophe in your kitchen, discover his delicious recipe video of his famous Royal Ewe: click here

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